Rebellion (en)

Swines fuck another shit to live on
Pay his people’s life to keep more shit
Politician call this peace and academian call it society
Propaganda is hidden behind ads
In the street, on the paper, and on the net
But no one care ’cause it’s nothing new.

It’s nothing new!!

People fight for free in Middle East.
Terrible crisis in New Zealand.
Crime in Yangon, rape in tibet.
These are not on the headline in Japan.
But I am not dumb as they think.
Peaceful way is not only way for me.
I’ll do even if they are not ready…

Surprise attack!

This is the end of silent submission
This is the death of loser’s obsession
New order will come from disorder
Pitiful reign will die in dishonor
Beware when you are in supreme joy
There is no safe place until you die
I take any means necessary to subversion…Rebellion!

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  • Posted on 4. June 2014
  • Written by wpmaster