2Bullet H.Q Announced about following information for upcoming new album “Marching to Disorder“.

As we already announced, this album has 6 new songs as “Side: Marching to Disorder” and
6 re-recorded songs from our past album as “Side: Execution of New World Order“.
And today we uploaded artwork and sneak preview for “Side: Execution of New World Order” on Soundcloud.

Execution of NWO

You can compare “Original version” and “2015 version”

More information will be updated soon!

New assault alert!

2Bullet announced sneak preview of upcoming new album “Marching to Disorder“.


“Marching to Disorder” 2Bullet

Track list:

Side: Marching to Disorder
01. Marching to Disorder
02. Downfall
03. You Suck
04. Move, Aim, Fire
05. Catastrophe
06. Hymn for Chaotic Era

Side: Execution of New World Order
07. Invisible Assault
08. Assassination 2015
09. Pray for Me 2015
10. Survivor 2015
11. Darkness in Combat Field 2015
12. Democracy 2015
13. Destroy N.W.O. 2015

(Bonus track)
14. Catastrophe (Vocaloid VY1 Remix)

Not only ear stabbing 6 new tracks as “Side: Marching to Disorder“,
Also contains the self-covered old songs, our older album “Democratic Violence (2004)” and “Assassi-Nation(2009)” as “Side: Execution of New World Order”.

And has reversible artwork for both “Side: Marching to Disorder” and “Side: Execution of New World Order”.
More information will be updated very soon.

Check “Marching to Disorder” information page.


2Bullet will be on the stage August, 8th (SAT) Iseyu presents “Yakusoku (Promise)”.
And new EP “Marching to Disorder” will be out at this event, too.


We also will start world wide shipping and digital release.
We think we can start on same day… Maybe.
And we have live show in this September in Tokyo, so come to the show and buy!


2Bullet HQ announced about New EP “Marching to Disorder” upcoming this summer.
It will be, not only new songs, but includes self-cover track from the past albums in 2004-2009.

2 Bullet will play on these new and re-arranged songs on the show in Mar/27/2015 at Ikebukuro Chop, Tokyo.
If you reserve the tickets you can get special CD and “Shika-san Photo set”.
For the show’s detail information,  see this article.

And 2Bullet HQ also is planning tour in each city in Japan (…I mean off course want to go to not only our country!)
This movie says, “Bring 2Bullet to your city!”

We, 2 Bullet added one more show in Tokyo.
Still we have 2 live shows!

Reserve tickets and get Shika-san(しかさん)Photo set!

2014/12/13 Shinjuku JAM Carmilla’s Garden

carmilla's garden

2014/12/30 Shinjuku URGA M Birthday SP event