Everything Returns to Zero (en)

Everything Returns to Zero

2 Bullet’s 10th anniversary special EP. 
And the heaviest album in their history… 


Everything Returns to Zero

500 copies limited.
12 pages artbook with unique serial number .
Collaborated with international art designers in each songs.

Remix-kits provides started Jul/12/2015

Song Title

1. Telomere
2. Children of Mahakala (Lyrics – Remix kit 119bpm)
3. Truth Behind Words (Lyrics – Remix kit 110bpm)
4. My Motherland (Lyrics – Remix kit 140bpm)
5. Phoenix Rising (Lyrics – Remix kit 105bpm)


Meme Medamadara (Japan) – Main artwork
Dora from CyberageVoodoo (Japan) – Children of Mahakala
Juan Gory Reyes (USA) – Truth Behind Words
タカミトモトシ (Japan) – My Motherland
Selvio (STILLBORN DIZ) (Russia) – Phoenix Rising

Label: Axis of Insanity
Price: 15USD + 7USD (for international shipping)
Release Date: Oct/31/2013
Order: Order now via 
Bandcamp page.
And digital download available on Bandcamp, too.
Click here!
Note: Digital release edition has different cover art design.
jacket2(白ふち2 のコピー(
See trailer movie… 

  • Posted on 4. June 2014
  • Written by wpmaster