Eve Of Rebellion (en)

Eve Of Rebellion


Rare track collection for 2Bullet maniacs.

Free downloadable 3 rare tracks EP.

“Forest of Traps” was recorded for some compilation albums in older days.
“Worthless Future” was a part of EP “You’re Downloading Anarchism”.

In original version of these 2 songs, Sgt.K only sang English lyrics part and Kentaro sang only Japanese lyrics part.
In 2010, Kentaro left the band and Sgt.K had to learn Japanese lyrics part, too. So these were recorded for his practice.

“Drain People’s Blood (remix Rebellion)” original version was in our 1st album “Democratic Violence”.

K : Vocal
Dee Lee : Guitar / Program
All music and lyrics by Dee Lee

License : Creative Commons (CC BY 3.0)

Forest Of Traps (Retake: 2011)

Download: MP3(320kbps) / WAV

Drain People’s Blood (Remix: Rebellion)

Download: MP3(320kbps) / WAV

Worthless Future (Retake: 2011)

Download: MP3(320kbps) / WAV

  • Posted on 4. June 2014
  • Written by wpmaster