Move, Aim, Fire (lyrics – en)

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Move, Aim, Fire

From the album “Marching to Disorder
Track No. 4


Burn this ground
Show no mercy to dying world
Crack the sky
Never stop bombing till they die
Punish them
As the river water turns to red
Build new world
In the name of “Faceless god”

Move! Aim! Fire!

Smash their fresh
Crush their bones
Let them regret being born
Spread the fear
Spread the fire
Tonight this front will be in flames

Move! Aim! Fire!

All losers drag their body just like a crawling maggots
Pain and shame will never let them be asleep
They lick the gore on the ground
And know the taste of defeat
Only the death salvage them from this hell… so

Move! Aim! Fire!

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  • Posted on 15. June 2015
  • Written by wpmaster