Marching to Disorder (album 2015 – en)

Marching to Disorder (2015)

Marching to Disorder artwork main001

It’s time to choose.
Obey to system, or kill it.

2 years over since “Everything Returns to Zero“, the album called “Most heaviest album in 2Bullet’s history”,
2Bullet express “Strategy of chaos” for chaotic ages!

Extreme ear stabbing 6 new songs as “Side: Marching to Disorder” and
Remaked tracks from our past album “Democratic Violence” and “Assassi-nation” as “Side: Execution of New World Order” included.

Pre-order (both international physical-CD and Digital release) started on our Bandcamp page!!

Track list:

Click song titles to see lyrics.

Side: Marching to Disorder
01. Marching to Disorder (Remix kit)
02. Downfall (Remix kit)
03. You Suck (Remix kit)
04. Move, Aim, Fire (Remix kit)
05. Catastrophe (Remix kit)
06. Hymn for Chaotic Era (Remix kit)

Side: Execution of New World Order
07. Invisible Assault
08. Assassination 2015 (Remix kit)
09. Pray for Me 2015 (Remix kit)
10. Survivor 2015 (Remix kit)
11. Darkness in Combat Field 2015 (Remix kit)
12. Democracy 2015 (Remix kit)
13. Destroy N.W.O. 2015 (Remix kit)

(Bonus track)
14. Catastrophe (Vocaloid VY1 Remix)

Artwork: 紫樹 (Shiki)
Photograph on booklet: Meme Medamadara

Release information:

Title: Marching to Disorder – 2Bullet
Product ID: AITB-0002
Price: 2,000yen or 18USD
Label: Axis of Insanity
Release date:
8/8/2015 in Japan (physical CD) / International (digital release)
8/15/2015 International (physical CD)
International preorder start in July/2015.

  • Posted on 15. June 2015
  • Written by wpmaster