Assassi-Nation (en)


Originally Released: 2009

Note: Original version no longer available.
But you can get “Extreme Remaster Edition” from our bandcamp page!

Do you still want original version?
You CAN pirate this album from here and we do not blame if you download.

01. Assassination
02. Authority
03. Border Line
04. Discrepancy
05. Triggeer
06. Destroy N.W.O.
07. Darkness In Combat Field
08. Police State
09. Rule Of Revolution
10. We’re All Alone (feat. Andro from Gothika)
11. Humankind (Agitation 8.5 mix by Syndika Zero)
12. Assassination (Genocide Lucie Remix)
13. Assassination (Animassacre_Remix)
14. Border Line (Immutable System Remix)

-(Bonus track only for “Extreme Remaster Edition”)-

15. Democracy (Patriots Remix)
16. Drain People’s Blood (Cold War Remix)
17. Survivor (Out of sight Remix)

  • Posted on 4. June 2014
  • Written by wpmaster