Exemia released the album “Remixed” includes “Abnormality” 2Bullet remix!
And our friends, Audiocentesis and DJversion 666 remixed Exemia’s songs,too!
Visit Exemia’s bandcamp page and download it right now!

2Bullet started to provide free remix-kits of “Marching to Disorder“, the most recent album.

Marching to Disorder artwork main001

The remix kits includes
: MP3 files of original version of the song
: Lyrics text file
: Para-outed wav files of each part of the song

Click here to see the downloadable link.
File size is so large and you will need fast internet connection!

Use remix-kit for not only remix, also use for your song as sampling file!
Please let me know when you finish the work!

2Bullet released remaster versions of older albums  “Democratic Violence” ans “Assassi-Nation“.
You can preview and purchase them on our Bandcamp page.
※Digital release only.

Dee Lee remastered both albums, and older songs got more clearer and heavier.
And not only that, new version of “Assassi-Nation” is named as “Extreme Remaster Edition“, including 3 very rare remixes that is not included in original ones.

Stand by for “Marching to Disorder“, complete the legacy!

Do you wanna join our MARCHING TO DISORDER A.S.A.P?
2Bullet’s new album “Marching to Disorder” pre-order started on our Bandcamp page.

Marching to Disorder artwork main001
You can pre-order both physical cd (with autographed) and digital release.

And if you pre-order, you can download 4-songs JUST RIGHT NOW
“Marching to Disorder”
“Assassination 2015”
“Survivor 2015”

What? Do you still hesitate to buy?
Okey you can preview full-length of the songs.


2Bullet H.Q. started to provide remix-kits of “Everything Returns to Zero : the album released 2013″.
These kits are 100% free downloadable and you can use for remix or yourselves projects.
You can get from “Everything Returns to Zero” information page.

And H.Q. also will provide remix-kits of the new album “Marching to Disorder” on Aug/8th as well.

You don’t need no permission to use these remix-kit, but we’d be happy when you let me know about your remix you do.